Anno Lucis is founded on three main cornerstones: mediation, inspiration and education.
  1. Mediation: Our team performs at the top of its abilities to bring the brightest luminaries of the digital era to shed the light on the most innovative concepts and existing trends within the industry, as well as to provide the best service possible to our partners.
  2. Education: Anno Lucis makes sure the content of each presentation is unique and delivers something not disputed before to provide its community with a unique and high quality content.
  3. Inspiration: We do our best to connect the missing links between those who have successfully managed to understand the intricacies of the digital age and those who look for ways to climb up to the same pillars of success.
DigiRush is an industry event that aims to fuel the digital movement to take the whole notion of 'Anno Lucis way of doing business' to the next level. DigiRush is determined to mediate the most disruptive speakers, content, and entertainment to educate & inspire its community from all around the globe.
DigiRush enlarges its community in Europe (Prague), MENA (Dubai), and APAC (Singapore) with the aim to foster the digital movement in the right way in as many places as possible.
The aim of DigiRush is to both inspire our attendees and give actionable insight which can be implemented on your first day back into the office. We took a lot of time deciding on each speaker to make sure that you get the best possible content.
DigiRush application will be available closer to the event. Our attendees will be notified in advance.


You can click here to become part of our community. You can also contact us at contact@digirush.eu to get acquainted closer with us and our team.
The attendee should be minimum 18 years old in order to be allowed at the summit. In order to claim an exception, contact us at operations@digirush.eu
Be sure to contact us, and we shall provide you with a personal assistant to help you to solve any kind of issues.
Please, go through the section Refund and Cancellation Policy in terms and conditions, if you still have question, contact operations@digirush.eu.
You can transfer your ticket before the summit. To do so, email the name of the previous ticket holder and the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the new participant to operations@digirush.eu. If the transfer takes place after June 15, 2017 there will be 50 EUR fee, otherwise no fee will be requested. Ticket transfer does not apply to discounted tickets.
No. Please, refer to Terms and Conditions for more information.
No. The aim of DigiRush is to provide its attendees with a balanced intake of new knowledge and 1 day pass will fail to deliver the quality we are after. To see ticket packages available visit here.
The primary way of payment is the online transaction. However, for those, who would prefer to make a reservation and pay on later, we send invoices with a 2 week maturity dates.
Subscribe to DigiRush news to stay updated on what is going on. Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and search for #DigiRush to be engaged and stay as part of our community.


If you want to become or propose a speaker, please contact us at speakers@digirush.eu and we will get back in touch with you.
If you want to participate at the summit as a sponsor, please contact us at sponsors@digirush.eu
If you want to become a media partner at the summit, please contact us directly at mansura@digirush.eu
If you want to become a volunteer at the summit, please contact us at alexander@digirush.eu


Currently, we are in a stage of setting up a live stream as well as 360 degree cameras for VR streamers.
Unfortunately not. Only holders of the DigiRush tickets will be allowed to participate at the social events.
You will be provided with an electronic ticket exclusively made on your name, as well as have your own QR code on the mobile application of Anno Lucis. Any one of them alongside with your ID will be requested at the registration desk in the first day. Materials for taking notes will be provided to you at the conference before it starts.
Yes. Besides the main wifi network, we will also provide our guests with an additional network, in case if the main one goes down.
We do care about disabled people. Please, contact us in advance at operations@digirush.eu.
Feel free to wear the most comfortable clothes that you have. Our personal recommendation would be smart casual, but we are open for any kind of style.
We encourage our attendees to refer to us in case of any problems with the visa, and are ready to send you an Invitation Letter. Email us to operations@digirush.eu
There are 45 available parking slots provided to you free of charge.
Some of the presentations are confidential, as we are seeking for top quality data. Hence, we do not guarantee you will have all the presentations available after the conference.


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